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Expatriate Health Insurance programs and Risk management solutions

RDMT Consultants in partnership with Health Insurance Consultants Australia (HICA) managed by Berry Treffers, who has over two decades of experience working in in expatriate health and corporate travel insurance. Based on our close long term partnerships with the businesses we represent we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges you face. We are therefore able to offer competitive and affordable solutions to address the challenges and we also have specific knowledge and expertise to assess, analyse and manage your ongoing risks.

Expatriate Health Insurance for Australian citizens

I'm often asked what is so complex about expatriate health insurance and what can go wrong?

It is a mistake to assume that implementing an expatriate health insurance policy is just as simple as arranging a house and content policy, or car insurance.

All that is required is to obtain a quote and often the lowest premium wins.

We live in a world where populations are ageing, international insurance markets are changing, health care costs are rising and legislative and regulatory requirements, e.g. expatriate insurance in the UAE, make the delivery of employee benefits systems ever more challenging and effective employee communication a must.

In a company’s overall insurance program the expatriate program has most likely a very low priority and is a “tick the box" policy. That is until things go wrong and, speaking with 25 years’ experience in expatriate risk, this is not a case of if but when things will go wrong.

Of all the policies a company has in place the expatriate policy is the first policy that will be called on by employees and their dependents.

For Australian expatriate employee’s comprehensive hospital and medical insurance, personal safety and security is important to peace of mind but this is further complicated by Australian National Health Act legislation. This is unique to Australian expatriates.

Connectivity to Australia

Medicare and the private health funds are prohibited, by National Health Act and Health Insurance Act legislation from providing any benefits offshore but the impact of this legislation follows Australian expatriates around the world and the consequences are not an opt out option.

The Australian National Health Act legislation is a labyrinth of rules and regulations that can pose potential financial traps for both expatriate staff and their employers.

The risks of not getting it right in respect of Medicare eligibility, Continuity of health fund membership, Suspension of membership, Lifetime Health Cover (LHC), and the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS), can prove costly in terms of:

  • Un budgeted bottom line expenses
  • Potential long term coverage and premium cost implications
  • Impact on staff morale and productivity
  • Potential litigation and legal defence costs
  • Unfavourable media exposure
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PROVIDING THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS Expatriate Employee Benefits

Comprehensive International Medical Insurance

  • Worldwide Cover for Medical outpatient, Hospital in-patient, pregnancy and Childbirth, dental, optical and emergency medical evacuation.
  • Compliant local programs
  • Personal Accident Cover including weekly income benefits for accident & Illness.
  • Corporate business travel
  • Leisure travel
Policy Broking
Plan Administration


We work closely with every client to understand their initial needs and requirements, as well as their medium and long term objectives. This enables us to manage plan design to allow our clients to offer competitive expatriate employee benefits in their industry sector which are sustainable and stable over time.

Market intelligence

Up to date information on expatriate employee benefit trends in key market segments.

Industry knowledge

Unparalleled knowledge and insight on all leading Australian and International insurance providers.

Plan design

Expertise and experience in plan design to meet client's requirements.

Legal and Compliance

Support to multi-jurisdictional clients on medical employee benefits.

Understanding and influence

Our unmatched industry understanding allows us to not only advice clients better, but insurers as well.

We undertake a rigorous benchmarking process, ensuring that we work with the right insurance providers, so the best value and the right solutions are delivered. We are also accustomed to evaluating the less tangible elements of service and claims that are always included in our overall evaluation of an insurer, to ensure clients have total awareness of the policy.

Insurer selection

Selection of the most suitable providers who fit our client's requirements.

Request for proposal

Development and presentation of Request for Proposal (RFP) to insurers.


Evaluation of insurer proposals including benefits, policy terms and conditions to ensure suitability to meet or client's needs.


Negotiation of the plan premiums with the insurer to ensure we deliver value for money.


Overall Quote presentations to clients with impartial and informed recommendations.

Plan Implementation

Streamlined initial policy implementation gives peace of mind with the timely commencement of coverage.


Contract assistance to formally implement the insurance policy between insurer and client

Ongoing plan management with dedicated and experienced support on claims, accounting and benefits to deliver client satisfaction


Coordination with insurers for smooth transition and plan implementation and ongoing management.

Review meetings

Regular meetings with clients to review plan performance (claims as well as service)


Communication with employees (on both an individual and group basis) on plan benefits and administrative procedures.

Census Management

Constant management and tracking of plan modifications such as staff enrollments and terminations


Accounting assistance to reconcile and arrange all payments, for customers and insurers.

Streamlined claims process

We promote the acceptance of scanned and emailed documents based on receipts without original claim forms and online claims submission

Employee claims assistance

We completely respect our client's privacy and need for confidentiality, and only assist with claims where requested to, either from the beginning

Claims communication to employees

An essential part of our claims handling is to communicate the claims procedures at time of application so expectations and procedures are immediately clear.

Direct billing

Development of direct billing networks to suit clients' needs.

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